Vampire Diaries “know thy enemy”

Its been weeks waiting for this show to return to our screen and i finally watched it last night. This is my first review so whilst watching i wrote a few things down to remind me but i accidently misplaced them so here goes from the top of my head 😀  :

So lets start off with and unexpected happening of Isobel, she upsets Jenna by coming to the house then tells Katherine that she made a deal with Klaus to keep her safe if they give him the doppelganger and the moonstone. Now this seems like such an Isobel thing to do because last time she was in town she didn’t even care about Elena at all.  After hearing this Katherine goes searching for the moonstone in the Salvatore house only to find it in the soap dish! She takes this to Isobel thinking she’s free until Isobel drops the bombshell its her she’s Giving to Klaus.Of course, Klaus is the true puppet master in all of this, having compelled her the entire time, but Isobel follows it up . She takes Elena to her grave and you think she’s actually going to try and be a mother now in this heart to heart moment but she tares off her necklace and burns in the sun!!!
:O  :O  :O


Bonnie will die if she kills an original!

After finding the ancient burial ground and some crazy things going on Bonnie receives  the message that when she uses all the power to kill Klaus it will also kill her 😦 The only good thing about her scenes was that she was with Jeremy 😀

Matt told on Caroline!

So Matt made Caroline tell him everything she knows about Vampires and stuff making her feel guilty about Vicky .Then he tells her after this that all this is to much for him and he can never look at her the same way, he asks Caroline to make him forget so she does. Its not until we see him in the car with Caroline’s mum we realize  he had taken vervain and remembers everything and he and Caroline’s mum area team.

Klaus is in Alaric’s body!!

We were thrown once more when it was revealed that Klaus is in Alaric’s body, he greeted Katherine with an eerie voice that was nothing like Ricks!


So does this mean its over for Rick? Whats his goal by possessing rick? who will he hurt?This episode has definitely delivered some unanswered questions and i loved it 😀

thats all for now!


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