the sims 3 pets review

so today i bought sims 3 pets for the xbox and here is what i think:
So for those of you that have transfered over t the console for playing sims in order to save your computer and its poor memory you will be happy to know its actually an ok game! people are saying not to bother buying it if you have sims 3 arleady for the console (which i do) but let me tell you that its definitly worth buying this game. Yes you have the same furniture and clothes but you have a couple more items which have been thrown in and lets not forget the important part here we have pets! OK so the downfall to playing it on the console is we dont get snakes and horses we have our regular cats and dogs but you know those karma powers you have come to love?? more of them! and you know the map you have come to know? changed completely we can now visit the light house! finally 😀 there are so many more places to explore now.

The creators have also kept the game going with new mystries that you can solve in your spare time. it quite good because if you have made a family they can each have a mystrey to solve all a bit like scooby doo! so what else has changed?ghosts! they are everywhere but dont go thinking you can catch them yet oh no, returning to our sims is . . . the scrap workbench!

with all these new things its most definitly worth the buy and if you dont have just plain sims 3 go out and buy that to!they are so different to eachother its great!
oooooh one last thing sims radio. Now i dont know im i the only sad one but i knew all the indie/pop/electroniica songs off by heart only to have them replaced by new stuff!! :O but dont worry the creators have given us more genres.

so overall my verdict? good game keeps you entertained for hour still so definitly buy.
star rating:4

check out the trailer if you havnt seen it already beloW!

  1. October 22nd, 2011

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