So in the past few days i have been watching the big bang theory episodes like i dont know what! Any way tonight i watched the final four of season 4 and the first few of season 5 and i couldn’t stop laughing i even started crying i found it that funny, but my mum failed to agree with me because in her words i quote ” Amie what do you think your doing, its 2 am in the morning and all i can hear is you cackling like a hen!” (angry face) i would like to assure everyone i don’t cackle like a hen but on these occasion i was jut laughing so muuch! 😀 anyhow these are my favourite scenes from what i have watched today!

so i hope you enjoyed those and are huge fans of the big bang theory! it makes me laugh hahahahaha ok anyway im going to sleep night 😀

  1. I reakky love the show too. I couldn’t do any work, until I finnaly finished all episodes… good thing, I am a student , I guess. 😀
    Truly addicting, and I am a Shamy-Shipper!!! 😉

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