whats new scooby doo?

whats up guys! So this is going to be short and to the point today i put up my nains chritmas tree and decorated her lounge. simple as that felt good except there was rain outside instead of snow sad face. any how this is what it looks like šŸ˜€

And my song for day 4 of the countdown?
Michael Buble -winter wonderland

I love this song no matter who sings it’s so christmasy and with micheal voice just gives it that old new york jazz bar feeling šŸ˜€

Happy December yall
(p.s. just seen the grit lorry go past woo frost is coming=snow)

  1. Beautiful Christmas Tree, and love the song!

    • Why thank you Ms.Lily Rose, although me and my sisters argued a lot on what was going where on the tree we got there in the end!

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