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tell me what you want, what you really really want

For those of you thinking this blog has anything to do with the spice girls please stop reading now! in fact this id a blog for the kardashian fans! i have so many people coming to look on my blog about the kardashians but they never find what they want ! and its annoying for both you and me! so i ask you but this :TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN THE COMMENT SECTION AND I WILL WRITE ABOUT IT! simples really thats all i have to say if you comment saying what you are loong for you can read about it within the next 24 hours. Now this also applies to anyine wanting to know anything about anything! so comment !

have a good day

I know how she feels!

This morning i realised just how hard Elena’s ( from tvd’s) life is! Yes we get to see her choose wich brother she really loves while all her friends and family die or turn supernatural. But last night i had a dream. . .
now this dream was a cross between tvd and harry potter. I was in it as myself but just a normal old human bean!
so there were vampire slayers looking for Caroline and Steffan and these were voldemort and his follwers so they were chasing Caroline and steffan and tagged along with them were Elena, me bonnie and Jeremy. So we went to Quinn ( from one tree hills ) house because she was steffans witch freind but she wasnt to happy to see us told us to be gone by the time she got back. We didnt we stayed for a bit then BAM we see someone outside the window so we scram. Then there is a shot like a ” what happened when we left shot” of the flame throwers from gears of war just burning th place down. By this time we have been running through the woods and are being chased by someone so we see hogwarts and run towards it but of course they have put up the shield. Luck for us bonnie is able to break the spell slightly to let us in. The we see a shot from where voldemorts people are coming sown the slopes towards the barrier and because elena’s jumper is on the outside of the barrier than drag her our ( voldemorts gang) then all i saw was fire and crazy stuff then woke up!

you see this is her life in every episode and when i woke up my head was baffled so do i blame her for being a
little annoying anymore ? no i wouldnt blame her if she needed to do therapy!

so honestly does elena annoy you this season?
and does anyone else have crazy dream like this?

2 broke girls

They said it was the new sex and the city and let me tell you after only a few episodes of this sitcom i believe that 2 broke girls can most deinitly become a sister show to sex and the city. I love the whit and charm of thhe show and both main characters played by Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs definitly are fit for the show.It is completly different from sex and the city yes but it still has the element of frendship and getting by living in NYC, throw in Chesnut the horse and amazing opening music by Peter Bjorn and john and BAM good show all round.

so if your up for watching something light and having a laught for 20 minutes or so tune in to this sitcom i recommend! 😀

Who’s the daddy??

Its on every gossip girl fan’s mind, who is Blairs baby daddy. so my fellow gossip girl fans lets break it down:

Chuck: GG knows that the world love Chair, but will this be the thing that finally gets them together. After chuck’s crazyness last week he needs something to calm him down but does blair want to go back to him after all that happened?5/10

Dan: We know Dair had something last season on GG and even Dan himself admited something more than the kiss happened in spring so could he be the daddy? 2/10

Louis:Would make perfect sence this couple ” have been in bed all summer” and are getting married this would be the next step, perhaps B is keeping a secret becasue babies are suppose to come after the wedding not before.3/10

But would a baby really fit into the upper east side? remember Milo? when we all thought Dan was the daddy, even though milo was cute he was kind of in the way! so what will blair do with the baby? remember this is the cw so most likely there will be no abortion so that leaves adoption or keeping the baby. Either way B needs to anwser a few questions because as Dorota’s baby bum gets bigger so will hers!

i’ve been checking out the forums and this is what people have to say:

I can’t remember who said it, but someone mentioned that, ‘the baby obviously isn’t Louis’, because that wouldn’t be a big deal.’ Not a big deal?! This is a royal engagement, and that would have scandal written all over it. Especially how we see the way Louis’ mother is and all of her traditions and talk of a church ceremony (which reminds me…Blair will have to convert to Catholicism), it would be very much a problem for the couple and their future. It may seem ‘normal’ for people nowadays to have children without being married, but it is a serious issue if you are first in line to the throne, because the children will not be considered legitimate, etc, etc. Look what happened to Princess Stephanie…

IT’S CHUCK BASS’ BABY… watever happen… watever the story goes.. watever the writer plotted… no matter how chuck and blair get hurt by not getting together…..YET. DO IT. Just let the baby got to be a BASS. and at the end of GG… there’ll be thE CHAIR happily ever after… pls…
Chair’s story is a history…

I think Dan’s love for Blair is more mature and deep than his love for Serena ever was. You can see it.
With Serena it was the goddess who he worshipped from afar and then managed to win her heart and it was all very high school.
With Blair its like two equals. He and Blair feel like they really fit and have so much in common and its not driven by drama but instead stems from a deep understanding and real friendship that they have with each other and thats what true love is.
Its so powerful that it makes a lot of over the top Chair scenes seem naive and silly.
I really hope the writers realise how amazing their Dan and Blair SL is and not give in to a childish Twilight ending

Im back!

You know when you have that feeling that everything is back to normal and all good? well thats how im feeling right now! These past 2 weeks have been filled with so many good things, things i have wanted for a while and no im not saying its all been perfect, because let me tell you some moments i feel grrrrrr but thats another story!
so whats happened in this two week to make me feel so good you ask? well:
tv-its back, its all back with some new additions that i honestly think are pretty good.Here’s a list of what im watching:
vampire diaries
the secret circle
2 broke girls
new girl
hart of dixie
the lying game
but you know i cant wait till next week when we return to the upper east side! gossip girl people i have been waiting all summer for it! who else has?? i definitly want to see some chair because as musch as i want dair to happen i know its just not. And does anyone else thing chase crawford doesnt have a main part anymore?? comment!!!

ooh what else??

Gears of war 3: it came throught the post today and im on act 11 some word i dont remeber 5! i had to go to work so had to wait till this afternoon to play and let me just say its amazing! definitly worth the wait!

im sky diving!: so for our business eneterprise this year we need to raise money for charity so my group chose help for heros. How will i raise the money you ask? well we a group of people who are scared of height are going to skydive! yes people we will jump ( or be pushed in my case) out of a plane and free fall untill ( hopefully)poof the parashute opens. dont worry though there will be a pro attached to my back!

so yep that mee happy me!

Kardashian Komplaints!

I know we all have our opinions as a human race and say what we want but recently the Kardashians have been getting a lot of stick! I check the daily mail regulary and i know most of what they write is gossip but the do feature a lot of articles around the kardahsian family. On these articles people are commenting such negative feedback on all of the sisters and what they are doing with thier lives,even Mike Jerrick of Philadelphia’s Fox 29 morning show, Good Day, decided to mock and mimic the Kardashian sisters live on air just moments after wrapping up an interview with them. I mean you have respect for them!

let me just say this to all those negative commenters at least the girls are doing something with thier life and having fun in the fashon industry and with thier family. look what your doing!

i had to search a lot but atleast these commenters have something good to say:

anybody that doesnt hate these girls and thinks that are famous for other reasons besides the sex tape don’t even bother commenting on here you will just get red arrowed or criticised.. it blows me away how much hatred there is for the Kardashians on here. i dont think they are talented or great role models but I admire how they are making the most of their opportunities, making their own money, supporting themselves and their family.
– rach, melb, 16/9/2011 04:04

He’s suppose to be a professional anchor and he’s making fun of his guests? It doesn’t matter who they are–THAT WAS UNPROFESSIONAL!
– Sandra, Peoria, AZ, USA, 16/9/2011 01:13

We know she did that does that mean your a ‘saint and never EVER made a single mistake in your life?!!!!! You can only be so jealous of her! she looks stunning and its eating you so well!
– Nads, LONDON,UK, 14/9/2011 18:57

It’s amazing how none of you like her but take out the time to read about she and her family and actually take time out of your own very important lives to tap out words on your keyboards to comment on her looks and her life. SMH
– sasha, london, 13/9/2011 18:14

do anyone of you have anything better to do, than criticize a 14 year old girl? get over your selves seriously, if you don’t like it don’t read it, simple!
– Shannon, Cornwall, 10/9/2011 23:40

So many options!

Just finished high school/ college or uni?? dont know what to do next? well join the crew! Im currently lookin into what i can do after i finish this year of college and let me say there are so many opertunities out there yet there isnt really.
Want to go to america or austrailia to do an internship? well unless you are doing a degree you are left to the simpler/basic options.
Want to go over to america to work in summer camp? Most camps only offer places to university applicants, must have childcare experiences .
Want to work in a hotel? you have to learn the language, have basic skills in the department other than that its all good to work cleaning or serving for minimum pay and hard work.
How about being an au-pair? Lots of free sites to sign up with or pay to join an organisation, get a free home for up to a year, possibilities to explore/live another country. Sounds good to me but expect to care for children (must have childcare experience), do some housework and in some cases hardly any pocket moeny. This process can take a long time plus extra cost of police check, health check and all that shazam.
Volunteering? Help people who are in need out yet pay a fortune to help these eople out. Ive been looking at different oppertunities yet you have to pay thousands to go work slave labour for nothing!
Work in another country? Have to find a job first,get a working visa, find a place to live pay for the place + food+transport = a wee bit expensive but completly independant.
Just travel?Can be expensive but if you find some good tours could be worth your while! check out

so after you decide what it is you want to do yo have to remeber you need:
Travel cost to get there
Visa ( working or travel)
medical checks
travel insurance
medical insurance
moeny for accomodation( unless included in project)
money for food( unless included in project)
Money for extra excursions and gifts.

So bfore you get all excited and set on a place remeber these extra factors you need to pay out for and save those pennies! Ive spent a few months researching and still cant decide. I reccomend you create a budget sheet showing how much money you can gather together before looking into different options, choose something you have interest in and want to do and make sure you have back up money in the bank. Although we would all love not to be able to leave aus meaning you have to live there to earn money you still need that safety net incase of emergencies!

good luck on planning your future hope your adventures are succesfull!