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Birthday weekend

So on Friday the 17th of June i was 18 woooooooooo!! i am now legally allowed to buy alcohol and all the other shapaz!

so to celebrate my birthday on the friday i went into work and they had a little party thing there as it was one of the other workers birthday aswell. Then when i came home popped into town to buy a cd player and some music because ours had broke and my mum took me for my first legal drink which was strangely not awkward at all!Then we had a bbq in the garden with family and friends that lived close by.

On saturday i had to work at dinner time but then my two sisters, nain , mum and i went out to an italian resturant.I had never been there before but the food at atmoshfere was very nice.We all had pasta because the pizza’s were humongo!

And then Sunday which i am still recovering from ALTON TOWERS!!!! So from 10 untill around 4 you could go around the park on the rides and then afterwards you watched the concert.

Over all i had a fab weekend but my blog seems to be getting forgot about what with wild weekends and YouTube building!

Anyway so i have more to write about soon 😀