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massive catch up!

so im going to be blogging every three hours or so in the next day as i have finally got some vids i want to shoow the blog world but yhey are to big of a file so guess what? they are on youtube! so i was going to tell you about how i made ice cream ( it was kind of succesfull but i think i will stick to smoothies next time)

But any how dun dun dun! do you remember the post about conwy well here is a vid of my younger sisters hannah , laura and me there 😀 heres the vid >>>

its a family thing

Put this on while you read to get the feel of the day 😀

So today i had a great day out with the family in conwy. The blugrass festival and the european food market was on , the sun was shining and the week had been going great for me.

I had that feeling that everything was great we were sitting in the middle of conwy on the floor surrounded by people laughing, drinking and having fun. I had over 100 pictures from the day , experienced french prawnies and spent over £10 on french biscuits. I just didin’t care about anything or what people thought while me and my sister joined in with the rodeo as the live music played the blues/folk/country music throughout the day.

I know from today that summer has begun and this summer will be the best of my life!