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What up peeps! so i think ive gone crazy . . no i correct myself i have lost my marbles! ok you know im just not being that person, that commited person i use to be not so long ago. I use to be commited to my tv shows, youtube subscribers, blogs, college,family. . . . . the list can go on but the truth of the matter is im not, im not commited anymore.

Did you know this week is study week in college and i was good i emailed all of my tutors asking “do you need me in this week” (as you do) only one replie so i just stayed off instead of going to college to finish the work i have and turning up to the lessons i have with the tutors that dont reply. Youtube thats another big thing i dont put up videos but if i subscribe to someone they can be sure i will watch their video’s well they use to be sure you know i subscribe to ijustine and im ashamed to say that i haven’t watched her videos in over a week! i feel terrible! Friends and people- i dont get to see poeple much cos most of my firends are at uni and family live away but ooooooooo i go on face book and pop goes the chat box . . . . . honestly i can’t be bothered. I can’t be bothered to have the same conversation i always have on facebook it bores me, so i try and go a little random and BAM instantly these people think im coo-coo. I apologise if i dont put in full stops and all that shizz learn to read on longer breaths!

so anyway im just grrrrrrrrrrrrr you know!

Greys anatomy is coming on well but imm not sure if im going to make it! im 10 minutes from the end on season 3 episode 25 cally has just told izzy that she and george are trying for a baby, lol izzy’s eyes nearly popped out her head! lol i love thyis show. you wanna know when ive been watching the show? check out my version of “keeping track of the show”=
greys anatomy- 5/12/11 21.30 e1s01 -season 2 episode1 6/12/11 1.40
6/12/11 1pm s02e2-s02e05 4pm
7/12/11 3.30ams2e06 4.10am
7/12/11 15.30-s2e07- 8/12/11 5.26am s2e24
8/12/11 16.12-s2e25-17.07
19.00 9/12/11 s2e26-9/12/11
since then today is 12/12/11 and im on s03e17 21.34
3.22am 13/12/11 s3e21
13/12/11 17.12pm s3e22
13/12/11 22.45 s3e25

And that is really how i eep track its on a little post it note next to my christmas list post it note and my “thoughts that are really awesome and i must remeber” post it note that is next to my “awesome dreams that could be awesome movies if people could see dreams” post it note.

speaking of last night i was in a grotty little flat with bliar waldorf,her baby (boy) and serena because dan and chuck wanted to show me how low she had got since discovering the prince had turned back into a frog. It was tres amazing and as you can guess a dream!

well good day/ night fellow warriors
the battle of everyday life continues
see you in the next round!


I know how she feels!

This morning i realised just how hard Elena’s ( from tvd’s) life is! Yes we get to see her choose wich brother she really loves while all her friends and family die or turn supernatural. But last night i had a dream. . .
now this dream was a cross between tvd and harry potter. I was in it as myself but just a normal old human bean!
so there were vampire slayers looking for Caroline and Steffan and these were voldemort and his follwers so they were chasing Caroline and steffan and tagged along with them were Elena, me bonnie and Jeremy. So we went to Quinn ( from one tree hills ) house because she was steffans witch freind but she wasnt to happy to see us told us to be gone by the time she got back. We didnt we stayed for a bit then BAM we see someone outside the window so we scram. Then there is a shot like a ” what happened when we left shot” of the flame throwers from gears of war just burning th place down. By this time we have been running through the woods and are being chased by someone so we see hogwarts and run towards it but of course they have put up the shield. Luck for us bonnie is able to break the spell slightly to let us in. The we see a shot from where voldemorts people are coming sown the slopes towards the barrier and because elena’s jumper is on the outside of the barrier than drag her our ( voldemorts gang) then all i saw was fire and crazy stuff then woke up!

you see this is her life in every episode and when i woke up my head was baffled so do i blame her for being a
little annoying anymore ? no i wouldnt blame her if she needed to do therapy!

so honestly does elena annoy you this season?
and does anyone else have crazy dream like this?