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Big fat zero

So thats what i was expecting when i looked at my dashboard because lets be frank i havnt put up a post in donkeys years! first i was away but i managed to slip in a few and now. . . now my internet has died at home so i was supeer excited to get to college to post anything at all!
this isnt really bout anything but im catching up with my programmes to give you reviews and promos.
i just watched 90210 and feel so sorry for silver Adrianna is so horrible i could just!! “£”%$&*^% arghhh :@ anyway im loving max and niomi still ❤ ok i proper review thing tomorrow!



WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP its easter time so you know what that means?? HOLIDAYS!! no college and chocolate!!

I have to say this time of year is just great for me the little lambs are out ( you just have to not think about them being eaten!), daffodils , you get chocolate eggs from your loved ones or just egged by the enemies either way it an egg!

So i am off on Saturday to stay with my cousin Katie and my nain ( grandma to non welsh people!) for two whole weeks 😀 i am actually excited because Katie is just mad so i know we will have a good time but the down side?. . . all of the shows are back next week and i might have to wait till i come home to see them 😦 sad face 😦

so what is everyone else up to on their holidays??

This is where you comment! go wild! please! ok i am not going to beg!