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flat lined

Ok people i know i havent been writing about anything good but seriously when i dont write i get more views than this! My stats graph has literally flat lined. . . . if this was a operation the person would be dead its so bad!
ok moving on its 2012 hope you all celebrated in style like i did!
Lets just get right out there.

My first blog of 2012 is going to be about . . . . . The Kardashians . . . . well jenners!

Kendall and kylie are becoming more and more popular as thedays go on im loving seeing these two in modeling promotions and online. They are definitly the next thing so i would watch out. Im really in favour of them having their own show to i think its because im more their age and will be able to relate rather than to the older sisters with their babies and getting married!

Peole keep saying that they should start dressing their age but i believe (yes they do look far older than thier age ) but thats fashion, recent pictures of Elle fanning look like she is beyond her years and also Chloe Moretz is looking beyond her years. Its hollywood !

Elle fanning said :
Quote “I’d much rather look like a two-year-old than a 21-year old”

Chloe Moretz: “Well, I go to school every day for the most part, so school is all I have to focus on. And work and friends. After that, it’s fashion. I’m a girl, what can I say?”

Kendall and Kylie are set to launch their own clothes line and jewelry line at this rate the girl will be in competition with their sisters!
“We love accessories, and it’s amazing that we’re going to have our own line to be able to wear everyday – and for our friends to wear, too!”

Hopefully 2012 will be the year of the jenners!

Kardashian Komplaints!

I know we all have our opinions as a human race and say what we want but recently the Kardashians have been getting a lot of stick! I check the daily mail regulary and i know most of what they write is gossip but the do feature a lot of articles around the kardahsian family. On these articles people are commenting such negative feedback on all of the sisters and what they are doing with thier lives,even Mike Jerrick of Philadelphia’s Fox 29 morning show, Good Day, decided to mock and mimic the Kardashian sisters live on air just moments after wrapping up an interview with them. I mean you have respect for them!

let me just say this to all those negative commenters at least the girls are doing something with thier life and having fun in the fashon industry and with thier family. look what your doing!

i had to search a lot but atleast these commenters have something good to say:

anybody that doesnt hate these girls and thinks that are famous for other reasons besides the sex tape don’t even bother commenting on here you will just get red arrowed or criticised.. it blows me away how much hatred there is for the Kardashians on here. i dont think they are talented or great role models but I admire how they are making the most of their opportunities, making their own money, supporting themselves and their family.
– rach, melb, 16/9/2011 04:04

He’s suppose to be a professional anchor and he’s making fun of his guests? It doesn’t matter who they are–THAT WAS UNPROFESSIONAL!
– Sandra, Peoria, AZ, USA, 16/9/2011 01:13

We know she did that does that mean your a ‘saint and never EVER made a single mistake in your life?!!!!! You can only be so jealous of her! she looks stunning and its eating you so well!
– Nads, LONDON,UK, 14/9/2011 18:57

It’s amazing how none of you like her but take out the time to read about she and her family and actually take time out of your own very important lives to tap out words on your keyboards to comment on her looks and her life. SMH
– sasha, london, 13/9/2011 18:14

do anyone of you have anything better to do, than criticize a 14 year old girl? get over your selves seriously, if you don’t like it don’t read it, simple!
– Shannon, Cornwall, 10/9/2011 23:40

cover those toes up!

So since march i have been wearing flip flops every day until today. The weather has gotten so bad it feels like winter!When i put my shoes on it was like i had weights in them i couldnt believe how heavy they were after wearing my light flip my question to you is what do you perfer to wear on your feet ?

flip flops -light shoes that keep your feet fresh and aired out


Shoes – covers up your feet from bad weather but make your feet hot ans for some people smelly! eww
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