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Im back!

You know when you have that feeling that everything is back to normal and all good? well thats how im feeling right now! These past 2 weeks have been filled with so many good things, things i have wanted for a while and no im not saying its all been perfect, because let me tell you some moments i feel grrrrrr but thats another story!
so whats happened in this two week to make me feel so good you ask? well:
tv-its back, its all back with some new additions that i honestly think are pretty good.Here’s a list of what im watching:
vampire diaries
the secret circle
2 broke girls
new girl
hart of dixie
the lying game
but you know i cant wait till next week when we return to the upper east side! gossip girl people i have been waiting all summer for it! who else has?? i definitly want to see some chair because as musch as i want dair to happen i know its just not. And does anyone else thing chase crawford doesnt have a main part anymore?? comment!!!

ooh what else??

Gears of war 3: it came throught the post today and im on act 11 some word i dont remeber 5! i had to go to work so had to wait till this afternoon to play and let me just say its amazing! definitly worth the wait!

im sky diving!: so for our business eneterprise this year we need to raise money for charity so my group chose help for heros. How will i raise the money you ask? well we a group of people who are scared of height are going to skydive! yes people we will jump ( or be pushed in my case) out of a plane and free fall untill ( hopefully)poof the parashute opens. dont worry though there will be a pro attached to my back!

so yep that mee happy me!

Money Money Money

So as a teenager i keep facing new dilemas and paths in my life.But the thing about making these decisions is they are all based around money ( well most of them are). Lets just start with the basics i am currently wondering weither i want to buy gears of war 3 or if i should spend that money on clothes. But both are based around money wherever you go these days or watever you do you need money. So when deciding wether to go to university and spend thousands or go volunteering around the world the cheapest option is volunteering. But you still need money even to do that dont be fooled.

im just finding it very fustrating recently to be waiting for my next wage packet and then wait again till the next week just so i can get my self a new passport and pay for my xbox live gold membership. All i want are these two simple things yet i have to wait nearly a month to get them! Im just dreading when i have to pay bills!!!