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pass the tissues

so ive had a cold not like brrr im cold pass me my gloves, like ahhhhhhhhh im ill pass the tissues lockets and anything else you can find then lock me in my room so i wont spread germs kind of cold ! i mean everyone does this time of year and if you ahvent well hide because the germs are on the loose! And you know what else is annoying me?? my stupid S button on my laptop isnt working properly and i have no idea why so if i write loads and you dont understand it dont blame me, blame the stupid letter S!! what else ooh im just going to let iot all out tell the world whats going on i mean thats what blogs are for arent they? they are like the cheaper option to therapists! so you know i started writing blogs just well to do it then i started to become a little obsessed with how many views post had gotten but you know since starting this way back in april i have now realised ” who cares how many people take a look, i mean yea i am very thankfull to those of you who do look but serioulsy its not about how many views i get its about making good blogs and just getting everything out!” so thats that what else :s hmm its christmas soon :d im rather excited now i have like zero gifts but hey thats the fun of it running around on the last day buying poeple random things! 😀 ok i have no more to say because i have to keep hitting the S button really hard and its annoying me!

ciao for now 😀


short blog: oh no cold has come yep i mean the weather and the annoying illness and hey guess what my nose is about to run oh yesh see that rhyme! im so good. so the 411 at the moment is im sitting in bed in my messy room suffering from a red,sore nose becasue i keep having to blow it and hey to top it off chocking fits are my new thing since i have a sore throat and all the tissue particle bits are making it worse woop woop! good times!

i need to get better! 😦