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Holy poop

that how i feel right now im scared nervous terrified just like ahhhhhhhhhhh. Ok so i was going to turkey to be an aupair then i changed my mind but the family was amazing and i felt really bad so i ignored them for a bit but then today just now several seconds ago i sent them a email telling them and they havent replied! im so nervous!!!holy poop cake my hand is even shaking i just have to write this to distract me even though its not but still ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

cover those toes up!

So since march i have been wearing flip flops every day until today. The weather has gotten so bad it feels like winter!When i put my shoes on it was like i had weights in them i couldnt believe how heavy they were after wearing my light flip my question to you is what do you perfer to wear on your feet ?

flip flops -light shoes that keep your feet fresh and aired out


Shoes – covers up your feet from bad weather but make your feet hot ans for some people smelly! eww
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