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the sims 3 pets review

so today i bought sims 3 pets for the xbox and here is what i think:
So for those of you that have transfered over t the console for playing sims in order to save your computer and its poor memory you will be happy to know its actually an ok game! people are saying not to bother buying it if you have sims 3 arleady for the console (which i do) but let me tell you that its definitly worth buying this game. Yes you have the same furniture and clothes but you have a couple more items which have been thrown in and lets not forget the important part here we have pets! OK so the downfall to playing it on the console is we dont get snakes and horses we have our regular cats and dogs but you know those karma powers you have come to love?? more of them! and you know the map you have come to know? changed completely we can now visit the light house! finally 😀 there are so many more places to explore now.

The creators have also kept the game going with new mystries that you can solve in your spare time. it quite good because if you have made a family they can each have a mystrey to solve all a bit like scooby doo! so what else has changed?ghosts! they are everywhere but dont go thinking you can catch them yet oh no, returning to our sims is . . . the scrap workbench!

with all these new things its most definitly worth the buy and if you dont have just plain sims 3 go out and buy that to!they are so different to eachother its great!
oooooh one last thing sims radio. Now i dont know im i the only sad one but i knew all the indie/pop/electroniica songs off by heart only to have them replaced by new stuff!! :O but dont worry the creators have given us more genres.

so overall my verdict? good game keeps you entertained for hour still so definitly buy.
star rating:4

check out the trailer if you havnt seen it already beloW!

Big fat zero

So thats what i was expecting when i looked at my dashboard because lets be frank i havnt put up a post in donkeys years! first i was away but i managed to slip in a few and now. . . now my internet has died at home so i was supeer excited to get to college to post anything at all!
this isnt really bout anything but im catching up with my programmes to give you reviews and promos.
i just watched 90210 and feel so sorry for silver Adrianna is so horrible i could just!! “ÂŁ”%$&*^% arghhh :@ anyway im loving max and niomi still ❤ ok i proper review thing tomorrow!


So behind!

ok no i havnt watched this weeks Vampire diaries and no i havnt watched the new hellcats or americas next top model or the secret life of an american teenager! i am so behind in my tv life its the sun it takes me away into the garden to sunbathe and read.

First though i must apologise for the massive post i made last time jeeze just think if i didnt blog i would have all the crazyness in my head! So i have got back into reading this break and i am loving the medusa project series by:

Sophie McKenzie

they are so exciting and thrilling that wait…. yes i am going to make a blog soon about the books i read man why didnt i think of this before!!! wow revelation or what!

so yes even though i havnt watched a few programmes this week doesnt mean i wont look at spoilers myself for the next episodes for you gues take a look at whats to come in next week of television.

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sunshine and lollypops

hey so i did a quick post at the begining of the week but it has vanished! oh well im having an amazing time and have watched all the new programmes apart from hellcats! my is my ming boggling! lets start with 90210

Can you believe adrianna what a b***h (i am refering from using bad words!) i mean ok the water thing but then go and pretend to be silvers friend and take her meds! ooh lala .Sice becoming famouse i am not a massive fan of her 😦 haha silver and her bed banging made me laugh so much i just had to watch it again! Then there was annie who got attacked by the monkey after all her schedules but liam saves the day with a band food and bubblebath 😉 i really think ivy and dixon should get back together and he should have a bigger role come up soon. It was so obvs that friend of teddies was gay it was just to predictable!. Now the couple i love the most at the moment  max and niomi! i loved how she persumed he was a virgin 😀 all in all was very ggod 😀

Now i have just this hour finished watching one tree hill and oh my lord i can’t believe brook and julian didnt get the baby. It was so horrible seeing them trying not to cry when nathan said about hailey.I lloved the flashbacks in this episode so much it reminded us of the good old days and gave my memory a good old jog! the cracker scene was hilarious but after with all the poofing crumbs out was just a little know i can’t really say much else apart from it made me think about mymsisters alot when quinn was talking about hailey. it was worth the wait but sad and emotional.

You know you love me xoxo gossip girl. ok so a couple of days before me and katie caught up with this (for her sake not mine) and i just loved this episode it had so much going on with new family members coming in to the Dair situation. so as much as i would love the Dair thing to happen i have to be honest gossip girl never delivers what i want so my guess is blair who now see’s chuck is still playing games will pretend to be with the prince but mabey hook up with dan a few times to make sure. Serena. . .  well its Serena is en still even there i forget! either way she has or will find a man soon. Cousin charlie is the one im now interested in i mean whats her secret ?? i think she will go after dan even though he is “family”!  then he will be like ‘ hmm if people think im with charlie they wont suspect me and blair woo’. It was strange seeing eric with dan although you have seen in the past they have a strange brotherly connection! acording to my sources eric will be off to college soon as the real guy who plays him that i cba looking for the name is joining an abc show.By sending him to college he can return to the show as he pleases.

Thats what you missed on glee! Hilarious as always but why did Holly Holiday leave her and will should of lasted longer! i love how will put on the gloves and cleaned the grape for emma so cute after not liking them as a couple i think i have changed my mind i mean its bound to happen! Did anyone else notice a whole show without rachel berry singing!! 😮 :O haha i loved the diva mercedies (spelt wrong sorry) and lauren as her agent! it was good to see her come forward in the light again. I couldnt stop laughing at the remarks sues evil team were shouting expecially becky 😀  i love glee its so light hearted yet not ,moving but not emotional its just spot on! oooh i also loved the quiz thing where brittany was anwsering questions on cat desieses!

All in all a good week of tv just americas next top model and the lovely vampire diaries to watch!


holy macarolly ok this is the bit i forgot that has to do with the title! so im on holiday and the sun is just a-mazing and its making me all happy 😀 ok


no pictures or vids :(

Hello i hope you all are having a fabaroo holiday chillaxing and all 😀 im currently staying with my cousin and nain in loughbrough. (please dont stalk me!) haha

well im having a good time actually been out for long walks and into town to buy icecream! yum yum we had tubs and couldnt wait to get home so katie and i bought a whole set of plastic cutelry to get two littlw spoons . so worth it though!

And guess what i actuaaly did work today yes thats right i finished p1 for law and its only the 3/4th day proud?? i am!

so yes to go with my lovely title as i am away from my lovely computer i cant save pics to make slide shows or add vids so no stuff like that for a few days 😦  but guess what gossip girl is back tonight woop woop whos excited?? we just rewatched a few to remember the happening so

that is all bye 😀

( ok my red squiggly lines have gone so i cant see where i have spelt wrong apologies )

Vampire diaries “klaus” s3e09

So next week on vampire diaries looks like there are going to be a lot of flashbacks and Jenna will find out.But you never know with vampire diaries their promos are very misleading! here are a few pics from next weeks episode. :

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I am so ashamed . . . don’t even look at me !

ok here goes i can not even believe this myself its so arghh!!!! im so dissapointed in myself! 😦


yes i know i have a memory like a goldfish and im forgetful, yes my brain is full of random goings on but how can i forgive myself after what ive just done!! the only thing that made me remember was playing walking on sunshine on guitar hero !     so here goes the big conffesion :

I forgot to tell you when Glee was on!!!Even worse i forgot about glee!! i feel like i have betrayed god! :O  :O


So april 19th be ready and the week after a 90 min gaga special woop woop 😀


Please forgive me! 😀

Vampire Diaries “know thy enemy”

Its been weeks waiting for this show to return to our screen and i finally watched it last night. This is my first review so whilst watching i wrote a few things down to remind me but i accidently misplaced them so here goes from the top of my head 😀  :

So lets start off with and unexpected happening of Isobel, she upsets Jenna by coming to the house then tells Katherine that she made a deal with Klaus to keep her safe if they give him the doppelganger and the moonstone. Now this seems like such an Isobel thing to do because last time she was in town she didn’t even care about Elena at all.  After hearing this Katherine goes searching for the moonstone in the Salvatore house only to find it in the soap dish! She takes this to Isobel thinking she’s free until Isobel drops the bombshell its her she’s Giving to Klaus.Of course, Klaus is the true puppet master in all of this, having compelled her the entire time, but Isobel follows it up . She takes Elena to her grave and you think she’s actually going to try and be a mother now in this heart to heart moment but she tares off her necklace and burns in the sun!!!
:O  :O  :O


Bonnie will die if she kills an original!

After finding the ancient burial ground and some crazy things going on Bonnie receives  the message that when she uses all the power to kill Klaus it will also kill her 😦 The only good thing about her scenes was that she was with Jeremy 😀

Matt told on Caroline!

So Matt made Caroline tell him everything she knows about Vampires and stuff making her feel guilty about Vicky .Then he tells her after this that all this is to much for him and he can never look at her the same way, he asks Caroline to make him forget so she does. Its not until we see him in the car with Caroline’s mum we realize  he had taken vervain and remembers everything and he and Caroline’s mum area team.

Klaus is in Alaric’s body!!

We were thrown once more when it was revealed that Klaus is in Alaric’s body, he greeted Katherine with an eerie voice that was nothing like Ricks!


So does this mean its over for Rick? Whats his goal by possessing rick? who will he hurt?This episode has definitely delivered some unanswered questions and i loved it 😀

thats all for now!


you saved me!!!

So today i was going to delete my blog i didn’t really feel it was going anywhere until i saw the graph thing and saw people are actually looking at my blog!! Rather exciting 😀 😀


So Vampire Diaries is back on finally its been what weeks!! well its been to long for me thats all i know . Its only on in America so if your in the UK you will have to wait like good people.I’ll review it tomorrow or Saturday haven’t decided yet!!

In the future i will also be reviewing the following:


gossip girl

Vampire diaries

One tree hill


Pretty little liars

Americas next top model

Secret life of an American teenager


Yep thats all i think ! i will have to wait till they all return though and keep you posted on what the world think is going to happen 😀


Today was a really funny day in college .How was your day?? Got any plans for the week?