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Now thats Foul

so i have been absent from wordpress for a while. Well in my opinon a while anyway. Basically the internet died on us but hey thats what you get for spending to much money on clothes and shopping and not on bills!

So whats been happening with me??

poo. yep you read it right. Now last tuesday that was 26th of July,whilst walking up to my grandmas along the beach (those of you who follow me on twitter saw the monopoly money pic) we decided to carry on going to the very end and up the steps under the road instead of following the road up then walking through the woods. Now for once me and my sister laura were getting on well singing and danceing ( well i was) untill . . . SPLAT,

yep thats right i was wearing my flips flops and it went all over it and on my foot 😦 it was absolutly disgusting . this dog poo stank and worst of all it wouldn’t rub off so i had to walk/hop up the steps and then up the hill to my grandmas who found it rather funny. After washing it off and disposing of my flip flops as they were rather wrecked anyway i felt a little better.

Now today a similar thing happend we went out for a family walk up the moutain but as it had been raining my sister decided that we shouldn’t carry on going down the steep path but to cut through a field. This field contained only five sheep so i was pretty sure we wouldn’t get attacked. Now the grass was rather long and wet and slippy due to the rain but it wasnt untill i slipped near the bttom i saw it had happened again. Yes thats right sheep poo all over my new flip flops and my feet! im telling you next tuesday in staying in the house nice and safe away from any animal poo!

If anyone was wondering though after coming home to wash my feet they are nice and smooth 😀