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Morning music

Schools back! well not for me but its my younger sisters first day in high school today so im up with her helping her look her best ( not that she needs my help!). Anyway so being up at 6.30am brings back memories of morning music. Now back in the day when i use to get ready in 20 minutes after rolling out of bed i had my music on from the moment i fell on to the floor up to the moment i walked out the door. Why you say well to wake me up, to get me in a good mood for the day. So tell me what was your remedy to making yourself fuly awake when in fact you still had sleep in your eyes??

Money Money Money

So as a teenager i keep facing new dilemas and paths in my life.But the thing about making these decisions is they are all based around money ( well most of them are). Lets just start with the basics i am currently wondering weither i want to buy gears of war 3 or if i should spend that money on clothes. But both are based around money wherever you go these days or watever you do you need money. So when deciding wether to go to university and spend thousands or go volunteering around the world the cheapest option is volunteering. But you still need money even to do that dont be fooled.

im just finding it very fustrating recently to be waiting for my next wage packet and then wait again till the next week just so i can get my self a new passport and pay for my xbox live gold membership. All i want are these two simple things yet i have to wait nearly a month to get them! Im just dreading when i have to pay bills!!!