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So many options!

Just finished high school/ college or uni?? dont know what to do next? well join the crew! Im currently lookin into what i can do after i finish this year of college and let me say there are so many opertunities out there yet there isnt really.
Want to go to america or austrailia to do an internship? well unless you are doing a degree you are left to the simpler/basic options.
Want to go over to america to work in summer camp? Most camps only offer places to university applicants, must have childcare experiences .
Want to work in a hotel? you have to learn the language, have basic skills in the department other than that its all good to work cleaning or serving for minimum pay and hard work.
How about being an au-pair? Lots of free sites to sign up with or pay to join an organisation, get a free home for up to a year, possibilities to explore/live another country. Sounds good to me but expect to care for children (must have childcare experience), do some housework and in some cases hardly any pocket moeny. This process can take a long time plus extra cost of police check, health check and all that shazam.
Volunteering? Help people who are in need out yet pay a fortune to help these eople out. Ive been looking at different oppertunities yet you have to pay thousands to go work slave labour for nothing!
Work in another country? Have to find a job first,get a working visa, find a place to live pay for the place + food+transport = a wee bit expensive but completly independant.
Just travel?Can be expensive but if you find some good tours could be worth your while! check out

so after you decide what it is you want to do yo have to remeber you need:
Travel cost to get there
Visa ( working or travel)
medical checks
travel insurance
medical insurance
moeny for accomodation( unless included in project)
money for food( unless included in project)
Money for extra excursions and gifts.

So bfore you get all excited and set on a place remeber these extra factors you need to pay out for and save those pennies! Ive spent a few months researching and still cant decide. I reccomend you create a budget sheet showing how much money you can gather together before looking into different options, choose something you have interest in and want to do and make sure you have back up money in the bank. Although we would all love not to be able to leave aus meaning you have to live there to earn money you still need that safety net incase of emergencies!

good luck on planning your future hope your adventures are succesfull!