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So i decided that this year as i was going to be 18 i would like have a piece of jewellery from my grandma. So she said on tuesday (today) that we will go into town with my two aunties and find one.

Now during thhe week upcoming to this there was a lot of wisppers and this made me feel very paranoid and scared. My auntie even put on facebook ” looking forward to amies suprise on tuesday” and text me “are you scared?” .Well of course i was scared after reading tthis so this morning as i walked over at 8.00 yes 8 am in the morning imlitterally climbed a mountain and i have to admit i was very nervouse to what i would find.

Any whoo it was all great we were off to chester for the day shopping so we went on the train ( which looked more like a tram!), then had breakfast in BHS, the wandered around chester’s jewellery shops . Then in i forgot the name of the shop but anyway i saw this braelet i like and it was the first of many that i had any interest in so we went in to look and the woman behind the counter was very helpfull in giving the history of the bracelet, how its made and all the hoo haa like that. In the end this was the bracelet i picked.

it is a Trollbeads piece of jewellery and they have been around since 1976. It similar to pandora i would say but aimed more at young adults.

So here are a few pics of my bracelet 😀 😀 oooh im so happy i love it 😀 ❤

Then after this we wandered around more and went to the sweet shop where i bought some jelly beans yum! then we had lunch in weatherspoons then more shopping then home we came! ( we did more in between but i havee a feeling this blog is a bit to long!) it was a fantastic day 😀

thank you grandma,grandad kirsty and helen 😀