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Im back!

You know when you have that feeling that everything is back to normal and all good? well thats how im feeling right now! These past 2 weeks have been filled with so many good things, things i have wanted for a while and no im not saying its all been perfect, because let me tell you some moments i feel grrrrrr but thats another story!
so whats happened in this two week to make me feel so good you ask? well:
tv-its back, its all back with some new additions that i honestly think are pretty good.Here’s a list of what im watching:
vampire diaries
the secret circle
2 broke girls
new girl
hart of dixie
the lying game
but you know i cant wait till next week when we return to the upper east side! gossip girl people i have been waiting all summer for it! who else has?? i definitly want to see some chair because as musch as i want dair to happen i know its just not. And does anyone else thing chase crawford doesnt have a main part anymore?? comment!!!

ooh what else??

Gears of war 3: it came throught the post today and im on act 11 some word i dont remeber 5! i had to go to work so had to wait till this afternoon to play and let me just say its amazing! definitly worth the wait!

im sky diving!: so for our business eneterprise this year we need to raise money for charity so my group chose help for heros. How will i raise the money you ask? well we a group of people who are scared of height are going to skydive! yes people we will jump ( or be pushed in my case) out of a plane and free fall untill ( hopefully)poof the parashute opens. dont worry though there will be a pro attached to my back!

so yep that mee happy me!



It has been confirmed by the ABC network this morning that desperate housewives will finish after the 8th season. The network had planned for the show to run for 9 seasons but the shows producer Marc Cherry felt that they should finish while they still had viewers.

“One of the things you see in television is shows that overstay their welcome,” said Cherry. “People just forget about them and they’re unceremoniously booted off.

The cast were shocked when the news was revealed as they felt they had another two years on wisteria lane but they each thanked Marc for the work he had put on and this was returned to each of them for making the show the huge success it is today.

According to the new york daily news the story will be linking right back to the beginning with the suicide of mary alice and the finale that will pay homage to everyone who has been on the show over the years.

So make the most of the last ever season of deseprate housewives premiering 25th of september 2011!

Reality tv

The kardashian/Jenner family is made up from Kris Jenners 4 children from her first marriage, Kourtney,Kim ,Khloe and Rob and she also has two children with Bruce Jenner , Kylie and Kendall.

Now say what you may say about this family and their reality tv show and their fame because i never use to like them until this year when i started watching their show on 4music.Now to begin with i thought they were just three stupid girls but the more i watch the more i began to like them . It has now become a weekly thinkg to sit down on a sunday and watch 2 whole hours of Kardashians.

You know i think the reason i like this show so much is because it focuses on the three sisters . now i am one of three sisters and its good to see similarities between us such as the oldest and youngest getting on the best and knowing that we are not strange for attacking eachotherone minuite then the next we are best friends!

I don’t really know where i was going with this but hey its my blog! πŸ˜€
people comment below on what you want me to write about about the kardashians cos this blog is getting lots of traffic and i would like to spread it some more!


OMG IAN IS DEAD!!!! it’s obvious that he didn’t commit suicide and that A killed him because the horse shoe was missing.The thing i want to know is how long has Ian been dead for? did he die at the scene of last seasons finale or has A been keeping him alive and torturing him?

I always thought ian would be A but after the whole incident with Arias brother going awol and the producers revealing we will know more about A by the end of the season i think it could be him ( Aria’s brother) or they are just making us think this and then BOOM we find out its someone completely different!

Just trying to guess who A could be is mind boggling but i hope its someone we have seen on the screen since the first season.!

Check out a sneek peek for net week >>

We all love Spencer and Toby

Next weeks sneek peek pics for pretty little liars reveals that there will some more Toby and Spencer time!!! yay Originally these two were not suppose to date but after the producers saw how good a friends they were off set they just knew their chemistry would make them a great couple πŸ˜€

so checkout some Spencer and Toby time!

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And did you see jason?

Busy busy busy

So i just made my life that much busier by making a youtube account. You can see by now this blog is mostly about tv stuff so i thought why not let you watch what im talking about! my youtube channel is

its still undergoing a bit of maintenance work but check it out!

Switched at birth pilot

So im not going to go into much detail but for everyone who watched the pilot you can definitely see that this show is going to attract a lot of viewers and have a follow up series.After watching the episode last night i had that feeling you get when you walk out from the movies after watching a feel good film and you feel warm inside. I actually enjoyed it so much i tweeted it was my second favorite show that Abc is currently showing ! πŸ˜€
It didn’t seem as scripted as some of the other abc shows although Vanessa Marano who plays “Bay” definitely reminded me of India Eisley who plays “Ashley” in the secret life .

So for those of you who didn’t watch the show check out the promo for the pilot! so far im giving it 4 stars as i i don’t want to over rate it based on the first episode!