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give me just a little more time

So basically i failed. i failed my mission to watch every single episode there is of greys anatomy check out the timeline:
greys anatomy-
5/12/11 21.30 e1s01
-season 2 episode1 6/12/11 1.40
6/12/11 1pm s02e2-s02e05 4pm
7/12/11 3.30ams2e06 4.10am
7/12/11 15.30-s2e07- 8/12/11 5.26am s2e24 8/12/11 16.12-s2e25-17.07
19.00 9/12/11 s2e26-9/12/11 since then today is 12/12/11 and im on s03e17 21.34
3.22am 13/12/11 s3e21
13/12/11 17.12pm s3e22
14/12/11 04.52 s4e4
15/12/11 s4e7 15.40
15/12/11 22,57 s4e10
16/12/11 03.15 s4e14
18/12/11 02.52 s5e2
19.12,11 1.08 s5e8
20/12/11 1.49 s5e20
20/12/11 22.13 s6e1
21/12/11 3.04 s6e5
22/12/11 20.07 s6e12
23/12/11 10.26 s6e14
24/12/11 01.24 s6e20
24/12/11 20.12 s7e1

see this above this is where i managed to get to before chrsitmas day. yes i am a whole season and 9 episodes short of the target but people ive had to sleep, eat, shop and go to college so forgive me! Saying that watching 7 seasons in 20 says i mean that has to deserve some kind of medal right? anyway my point is i have decided on behalf of you that you have given me untill the first second of 2012 for me to watch the rest. Coming towards the past couple of days i have felt that watching it has been a chore rather than a fun and enjoyable experience so thanks for the extra time 😛

Speaking of the date: MERRY CHRISTMAS.

you have been busy looking for blogs about christmas and i muchly appreciate that as it has brought large amounts of traffic to my blog. I shall keep you posted on what i have been up to in a blog coming to cinemas near you soon! lol!



nearly missed it

so sorry guys ive been distracted and nearly missed day 5 of the countown so im going to keep it short!

Song of the day?
Slade-merry christmas everybody

Current status on greys anatomy?
beginning episode 4 right now

this measn today i have wathched 2 hours and 36 mins ( including the 5 min brakes) of greys only how long left!

well enjoy days 6 isnt to far away!

I think ive gone crazy!

ok please forgive me this isnt my christmas countdown blog! This is a ” i have been on all my social networks and tweeted, commented and updated my status so many times that if i do it one more time people are going to kill me” blog. So i have come here to wordpress to tell the world:

156 x 43.20 (average) =6739.70 minutes

6739.70 / 60 = 112.32 hours

112.32 + (5×156) = 112.32 + (780/60) = 112.32 + 13

= 125.32

This number above my friends is how many hours it will take me to watch greys anatomy from the very first episode up untill the most current one season 8 episode 9. This time includes 5 minute brakes to switch to the next episode or possibly eat. Depending on my schedule this also may be the only time for power naps or an alternative is to make fresh coffee.

This is 5 days and a bit of constant tv. Im not going to do that ( because my mum wont let me and i need to go to college) But i thought along with this countdown with only 20 days to go i will complete this task of watching every episode of greys anatomy up until season 8 episode 9 . i must do this before christmas day no matter what.

so if im correct on average every day i will need to watch 125.32/20= 6 hours of greay anatomy a day
This may get ugly!

tell me what you want, what you really really want

For those of you thinking this blog has anything to do with the spice girls please stop reading now! in fact this id a blog for the kardashian fans! i have so many people coming to look on my blog about the kardashians but they never find what they want ! and its annoying for both you and me! so i ask you but this :TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN THE COMMENT SECTION AND I WILL WRITE ABOUT IT! simples really thats all i have to say if you comment saying what you are loong for you can read about it within the next 24 hours. Now this also applies to anyine wanting to know anything about anything! so comment !

have a good day

Hahahahaha . . . haha haha

You guys should check this out not only do we have Mr Justin Timberlake but he was also accompanied by the lovely Lady gaga! Seriously this SNL finale (season 36 episode 2) is as funny as ever to watch!So far im only on the dressed up in a beer bottle, grape vine and tea bag part but this stuff is good. I loved Justin’s intro song it was very ironic and love how they are now keeping the music of a song but changing the lyrics to the situation!
so i will give you some one liners and highpoint s of the show to give you an idea:


i Actually kind of forgot what JT looked like!

The SNL digital production was very 90’S all i could say afterwards was “yeah,yeah,yeah yeah”

“its not gay when it’s in a three way” i loved gaga’s outfit before this line!

Gaga’s performance was spectacular once again but i thought the stage was to small for her!! Also the songs seemed shorter and faster yet not crazy stuff! but i L.O.V.E.D. her piano!

The weekend update is always good no matter who is guest staring i think its just Seth myers has a talent!

Gaga in glasses 😎

I would be so freaked if that happened to me on a ride but i guess thats what you get for going on a cupid cart! ❤

Gaga had her egg again but didn't get carried in.

I didn't like the guy playing Gary on the Gary Gibbs show but Justin was funny at the dancing!


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