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Day 3

jeeze ok i dont know how im going to do this but we shall see how it works out! I have quite a bit say actually in the 24 hours a lot has happened/ been discovered. Have you seen the 13 minute Lady Gaga- marry the night video yet? for those of you who have you will know she spends around 7 minuites talking in monologue about what she remembers, what she wants to remember of the worst day of her life as im writing this all i can hear is her voice in my head reading on what im saying. . . . . its scary. So i loved the video, actually i was scared to begin with that i understood what was happening and why the scences were like they are, and why she did these things but once i read a few comments ( i had to search a while for them) i knew there were others to.

And moving on from that:

Today is soup day for me! It not a national day or anything but thats all i have eaten today! I wen to ASDA hoping to have to parsnip and corriander soup but no they didn’t have this did they. Just my luck! So they said they had a broccoli and stilton (cheese) so i was like yeah sure this is just going to be like cauliflower-cheese but blended up and broccoli. Oh how wrong i was it was ok but after two spoonfulls my mum said it was like eating old smelly socks i was just no. . . i can’t eat this anymore! And then for my second soup of the day i have a three bean soup with mixed pepper for tea, twas very nice and i actually enjoyed that one.

Moving on from that:

The thing you have come to see. My christmas song of the day . So i was watching my first christmas movie of the year ( Deck the halls 2006) and i was feeling all christmasy so i went over to the music channel and this song was on and it made me feel that even more happy and chrismasy! Hope you enjoy its Elton John Step into Christmas:

Happy 3rd day of December! Who else is excited for christmas?


up to date

so at this moment in time i am up to date on my YouTube channel with whats happening next week on tv i just have to edit a few more trailers for the movies and with pop about 20 or so up there that i mentioned in a previous post.

Im currently watching The roommate but its taken me nearly an hour to watch 25 mins of it because im in the house alone at night watching a scary film so its extra scary! im thinking its good so far but i mean im not that far through so we shall see.

so hopefully i don’t get attacked or eaten by monsters after watching this and if i do well. . . . . at least i got a post in before it happened!


Summer fix

So we all know summer is here so its time to get out the BBQ , put the music on and have street water fights.But lets be realistic . . . this is th UK! We are bound to have rain so in these times stuck in the house full of crazy siblings and nagging parents we need to get away. And i have the pass for this. Here i present with you movies i will most definitely be watching if the rain happens to fall this summer and i hope you will check them out to ( theres a lot!) :

1)I don’t know how she does it
2)Love, Wedding, Marriage
4)Bad teacher
5)Judy Moody and the not bummer summer
6)Something borrowed
7)Everything must go
8)Pirates of the Caribbean 4
9)Midnight in Paris
11)The art of getting by
12)cars 2
13)Green lantern
14)Monte Carlo
15)Larry Crowne
17)Winnie the Pooh
18)Friends with benefits
19)Another earth
20)The smurfs
21)Crazy, Stupid, Love
22)The change up
23)The Help
24)Fright night
25)One day
26) The descendants

So thats it if the rain must fall then you all should know i will be sitting in front of my tv with popcorn disappearing into another world for a couple of hours!

Interview time!!

Check this interview out i found i a lot i didn’t know