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OMG IAN IS DEAD!!!! it’s obvious that he didn’t commit suicide and that A killed him because the horse shoe was missing.The thing i want to know is how long has Ian been dead for? did he die at the scene of last seasons finale or has A been keeping him alive and torturing him?

I always thought ian would be A but after the whole incident with Arias brother going awol and the producers revealing we will know more about A by the end of the season i think it could be him ( Aria’s brother) or they are just making us think this and then BOOM we find out its someone completely different!

Just trying to guess who A could be is mind boggling but i hope its someone we have seen on the screen since the first season.!

Check out a sneek peek for net week >>

We all love Spencer and Toby

Next weeks sneek peek pics for pretty little liars reveals that there will some more Toby and Spencer time!!! yay Originally these two were not suppose to date but after the producers saw how good a friends they were off set they just knew their chemistry would make them a great couple 😀

so checkout some Spencer and Toby time!

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And did you see jason?