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Big fat zero

So thats what i was expecting when i looked at my dashboard because lets be frank i havnt put up a post in donkeys years! first i was away but i managed to slip in a few and now. . . now my internet has died at home so i was supeer excited to get to college to post anything at all!
this isnt really bout anything but im catching up with my programmes to give you reviews and promos.
i just watched 90210 and feel so sorry for silver Adrianna is so horrible i could just!! “£”%$&*^% arghhh :@ anyway im loving max and niomi still ❤ ok i proper review thing tomorrow!


I am so ashamed . . . don’t even look at me !

ok here goes i can not even believe this myself its so arghh!!!! im so dissapointed in myself! 😦


yes i know i have a memory like a goldfish and im forgetful, yes my brain is full of random goings on but how can i forgive myself after what ive just done!! the only thing that made me remember was playing walking on sunshine on guitar hero !     so here goes the big conffesion :

I forgot to tell you when Glee was on!!!Even worse i forgot about glee!! i feel like i have betrayed god! :O  :O


So april 19th be ready and the week after a 90 min gaga special woop woop 😀


Please forgive me! 😀

Numero uno

Hello viewers….no readers.    Lets start again shall we HELLO WORLD!!!


So this is my first post and a waste of time considering no one will be reading this as i have no subscribers yet! No this post is for iSpaceCowBoyi to see i am serious about this. I had something in mind but i shall save the good bits for later in the week. As you can see this isn’t exactly a good looking page .  .  . yet just give me a few days to get things running 😀 well this is my first post  :/ bit short i know but i will be reviewing and random blogging throughout the week.


Leave any suggestions below 😀